Learn, build, and grow your side project through a centralized hub of resources at University of Southern California.




  • LavaX — Student run accelerator with dedicated curriculum and veteran Lavalab alumni mentors.
  • Blackstone Launchpad — Early stage accelerator with workspace, tools, coaching and mentorship, powered by Techstars.
  • Marshall Grief Incubator — Accelerator for student and alumni entrepreneurs with mentorship and community.
  • USC Rossier Edtech Incubator — Match with Venture consultant no matter what stage you are at.
  • Viterbi Startup Garage — 10-week Silicon Beach located accelerator and workspace for engineering teams.
  • FAB Lab — Resources for students to make design project physical reality.
  • Hacker House — Venture Incubation Program providing teams with co-working space near campus and technical support.
  • Alfred Mann Institute — Biomedical Engineering incubator for medical products.
  • Bridge Program — Year long incubator designed for helping gaming companies grow to acquirement.
  • Crunch Accelerator — Students teams learn successful startup techniques with brand, story, and customer marketing.
  • D-Health Lab — Healthcare IT focused incubator with domain specific mentors.

Student Groups


  • Lavalab — Premier student-run Incubator to start your ideas as a Product Manager, Designer or Developer.
  • Spark SC — Entrepreneurship club with initiatives like Project Launch, Startup Career Fair, Tech.LA Fellows, and more.
  • Troy Labs— Focused on supporting SC companies with Demo Day, capital, and startup consulting.
  • Chinese Entrepreneurship Network — Entrepreneurship network backed by industry connections in China.
  • Silicon Beach Club — Connect brightest USC students with companies in Silicon Beach.


  • Design For America — Social impact design studio, developing products for social impact.
  • AIGA USC — Professional Association for Design, creating events, experiences, opportunities.
  • Corpus Callosum — Art x Technology organization to work on interdisciplinary projects.


  • Los Angeles Community Impact — Pro-bono consulting for Los Angeles socially minded organizations.
  • Trojan Venture Partners — Venture organization, providing platform for students to learn about venture.
  • NOBE — Community for those interested in Engineering x Business.
  • Trojan Blockchain Society — Focusing on education and community initiatives related to Blockchain.
  • TAMID Group — Non profit providing consulting for Israeli startups.
  • LATCH — Los Angeles Technical Consulting Club, focusing on UI, Strategy, and Software.


  • SCOPE — Community of mobile app developers, new curriculum each semester.
  • Makers — Viterbi sponsored Electronics club, develop hardware related projects.
  • CAIS++ — Machine Learning community, learn ML and build projects.
  • XRSC — Virtual and Augmented Reality community at USC.
  • 3D4E — 3D Printing student organization, working on giving back to community.
  • Code the Change — Pro-bono developer organization working on software for non-profits.
  • Project Launch — Group teaching tech, design, and entrepreneurship to underserved communities.
  • Trojan Cryptocurrency Club — Community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts hosting workshops and blockchain projects.
  • CybOrg — Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics community, host workshops and CTF's.
  • MEGA — Makers of Entertaining Games Association. Promote game creation at SC.

Funding Resources

  • Contrary Capital — Pre-seed university-focused VC firm made up of a nationwide network across universities.
  • Marshall Venture Fund — Fund exclusively for startups founded by USC students, faculty, and alumni.
  • #LongLA Investor List — Firms and Angels where the investment focus or home base is in Los Angeles.

Fellowships and Fraternities

  • Sigma Eta Pi — Co-ed fraternity focused on entrepreneurship.
  • Alpha Kappa Si Co-ed preprofessional business fraternity, open to all majors.
  • Delta Sigma Pi — Co-ed preprofessional business fraternity, for business focused students.
  • Kappa Theta Tau — Co-ed preprofessional engineering fraternity.
  • Eta Kappa Nu — National Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honor Society.
  • Tau Beta Pi — Oldest and Largest Engineering Honor Society
  • Kairos Society — Society focusing on next generation of founders on problems worth solving.
  • KP Fellows — Fellowship program connecting students to startups in engineering, design, and Product Management.
  • Tech.LA Fellows — Fellowship program connecting students to LA based startups in engineering, design, and business.



  • HackSC — Weekend long hackathon hosted by USC, open to students of all majors at any university.
  • AthenaHacks — USC's premier all-female hackathon, trans and non-binary inclusive.
  • HackSC Jr — Pre-collegiate hackathon for beginner students from underrepresented backgrounds in tech.
  • BreakToMake — all-women's make-a-thon for hardware and physical hacks.
  • EurekaHacks — Undergrad and Grad student hackathon focusing on data science
  • ASBME Makeathon — BioMedical make-a-thon to solve problem in collaborative environment
  • TrojanHacks — Semesterly 24-hour hackathon hosted by USC ACM

Startup Competitions



Founder and CEO, Travis VanderZanden ('07)



Founder and CEO, Marc Benioff ('86)



Co-Founder and CEO, Aaron Levie (Dropped out '05)



Founder and CEO, Sahil Lavingia (Dropped out '12)



Co-Founder, Max Mullen ('04)



Co-Founder, Scott Cook ('74')



Co-Founder, Andrew Viterbi ('63)


Riot Games (League of Legends)

Co-Founders, Brandon Beck and Marc Merill ('92)